Call quality is the key concern for many businesses when they are considering moving to SIP Trunks or a Cloud based telephone system, and rightly so.Therefore, if you are using your internet connection for voice and data (ie standard internet) it is imperative that your calls are prioritised over your day to day internet traffic like email, browsing etc.

This needs to be done in two locations, one on your router and one by your internet provider.

On the router side, you control the traffic that is sent, ie the upload and on the internet providers side, they control the traffic you receive, ie the download.

Many businesses ensure they have QoS (Quality of Service AKA Priority of service) set up on the router however still experience call quality issues, this is because the download is not protected. So for example, if you are downloading a large email attachment, your call quality will reduce, however if the call is prioritised, then the email attachment will download slightly slower (you wouldn’t notice the difference), but your call quality will not be impacted by the download.

Across all of our internet products we are able to offer QoS to prioritise your phone calls over your day to day internet traffic.

We can either provide you with QoS at our network level, which means traffic sent to you or we can provide you with a managed router and control the QoS in both directions, ensuring no call quality issues.

If you would like to find out more about QoS and our business solutions that ensure your call quality is what you expect, then call our team on 01902 288 151 option and the team will be more than happy to help.