With your business becoming more reliant on internet access, an Ethernet Leased Lines could be the answer.

So what will an Ethernet Leased Line give your business?

  • Target up time of 100%
  • Service Level Agreement (5 Hour Fix, or you receive service credits)
  • Speeds from 2mb to 1GB and beyond
  • Guaranteed download and upload speeds
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Support around the clock, 365 Days per year

Essentially, an ethernet leased line is the top dog of internet connections.

But doesn’t it cost a fortune?

Actually no.  Historically leased lines were very expensive and therefore only accessible to businesses with big budgets. But over the past few years, the price has come down substantially.

Pricing does vary, mainly due to location, so it is difficult to provide an exact cost here, however, a few examples are below.

A customer on the outskirts of a city with a 20mb service – approximate rental  – £340.00 per month

A customer in centre of a city with a 100mb service – approximate rental – £550.00 per month

Even as recently as three years ago,  a 10mb service would have been priced at over £500 per month.

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