Launched in 2014, Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC) is a reasonably new product.  However, it has quickly become a key product for many businesses.

EoFTTC utilises the infrastructure used for FTTC, so if you can get FTTC you can get EoFTTC.

So what is the difference between EoFTTC and FTTC?

EoFTTC has an eight-hour service level agreement.  This means if the product is not working, it has to be fixed within eight hours or you receive a credit from the supplier. This means that our network partners have a financial incentive to get the circuit up and running as soon as possible.

EoFTTC also has guaranteed minimum speeds.  If the service drops below these minimum speeds it is considered a fault, whereas with FTTC the speeds are not guaranteed.

The latency on EoFTTC is much lower than with FTTC. EoFTTC latency is around ten ms (compared to around 30-90ms with FTTC) which gives the end user a much quicker experience.

EoFTTC is a cost effective alternative to an Ethernet Leased Line, with costs up to 50% cheaper.

If you need speeds of 10-20mb download and upload and can access EoFTTC, this product is a great option, especially from a cost point of view.

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