At Computatech we appreciate that the majority of businesses are now reliant on their internet connection on a day to day basis, however we also understand that the speeds available might not be up to the job and the price of a Leased Line cannot be justified for many.

Therefore, we can provide your business with bonded ADSL and FTTC, doubling the speed available to you in your location.

This works by utilising two ADSL connections or two FTTC connections and building them in our network as a single connection, therefore if you can get 40mb down and 10mb up on your Fibre connection, with a bonded connection you would get 80mb down and 20mb up.

Bonding is a great option for: –

  • Where Excess Charges are too high for installation of a Leased Line
  • Leased Line is too expensive
  • Remote locations where standard broadband speeds are slow
  • Businesses that need faster speeds and don’t want to load balance across multiple connections

Bonded Broadband is also a very cost effective option, at just £5 per line in addition to the broadband rental and managed router pricing.

If you would like to know more about Bonded Broadband, then please do not hesitate to speak to our team who will be willing to answer any questions.