Does your business rely on the internet?

If the answer is yes, then a leased line could be the answer.

There are different types of leased line: EFM, EoFTTC and Ethernet. Talk to us to today about choosing the correct solution for your business. 


Type Of Connection Copper Connection Copper / Fibre Hybrid Connection Ethernet
Usage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Service level agreement 8 Hours 8 Hours 5 Hours
Typical Use 4-20 Users 4-30 Users 4+
Download Speed 2-20mb 3-80mb 10mb+
Upload Speed 2-20mb 3-20mb 10mb+
1:1 Uncontended Service Yes Yes Yes
Lead Time 30 working days 15 working days 35 Working Days
Monthly Rental from £140.00 from £95.00 from £260.00