For organisations with multiple offices, our innovative multi-site network solutions provide flexible working practice and improved performance. All staff are able to work as though they are based in one office, regardless of location.

For multi-site businesses, we are regularly asked to provide a solution to connect those sites and enable the sharing of data, documents and applications. When each office has its own data, accounts, email and systems for maintaining customer records, it’s easy for confusion to set in.By providing private ‘point-to-point’ connections, we allow multi-site organisations to communicate without touching the public internet. This creates a secure environment for sensitive & confidential information to travel the network. Through a variety of innovative solutions, we can offer all sites and users, super-fast access to mission critical applications that co-exist on the same, centralised network.

Solutions that we can design and deploy to connect multi-site organisations include:

  • Private Wide Area Network (PWAN)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN – a secure tunnel between Server and clients)
  • Private/ Hybrid Cloud Solution
  • Hosted Desktop
  • Hosted Applications
  • Terminal Server
  • Microsoft 365