At Computech we have extensive knowledge and experience of helping charity and third sector organisations with their IT requirements. Our experience shows us that just like any other profit making business, charity organisations are looking to improve their business operations and streamline their IT processes wherever possible.

We understand that for charity and not-for-profit organisations, budgetary requirements can be sometimes be tight. Therefore we understand that for every pound of IT expenditure, the client must see real tangible results.

Whether a single site or a multi-site national, we work with Charities to improve the speed, performance, reliability and security of their IT network and infrastructure.

Combined with this, we use our wealth of knowledge to leverage cost efficiencies and budgetary savings wherever possible. Licenses and software packages can often be sourced cheaper or even free of charge when being deployed into charity organisations.

We have a vast amount of experience when it comes to making the most of these savings before passing them on to our ‘not-for-profit’ client bas