At Computatech we aim to break the mould of the grey, techy, often boring traditional IT market. We offer complex IT solutions explained in a simplistic manner, where the organisational impact and business benefits are easy to digest.

We understand that decision makers within SME businesses may not necessarily be ‘tech savvy’ themselves or have an interest in the technology that sits behind our IT solutions. We recognise that for most business leaders it comes down to ‘does it work?’ and ‘what difference will it make to my business?our-values

For any IT service of interest, we ensure prospective clients are offered a variety of options where they are only required to pay for what they need, with the option to scale up, as and when they require. To put it simply, we aim to grow with you, as your business and IT requirements grow themselves. Our brand values are:For us, simplicity is key. We aim to educate clients on the different options available whilst being fully transparent on pricing.

All solutions and advice given is aimed at transforming the day-to-day running of our clients businesses.

Our entire IT support & solutions portfolio is designed to offer scalability. We aim to grow with our clients as their businesses & IT requirements grow.

We support business of all shapes & sizes. All of our IT support and services are structured so you only pay for what you need.

We understand the need for trust and reliability. Our team of highly qualified IT engineers are always on hand to resolve any issues.